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Product Description: EWSD DIR CUR CONVR
Looking for S30050-Q5619-R-20? Contact Telmar Network Technology to find out if we have any new, refurbished, or used S30050-Q5619-R-20 for sale. If the part is in stock, your order can usually ship out in 1 or 2 business days. Not only do we stock new or used S30050-Q5619-R-20, we also carry a wide selection of SIEMENS accessories, parts, and components.

All of our products, including our own OEM Extended Life equipment, are sold with at least a one-year warranty. When you purchase product from Telmar, you receive equipment that has been certified to the highest quality standards, and fully inspected and tested on functional repair systems to OEM specifications. Once a product has passed the OEM test beds, then it goes into our inventory. A unique warranty-tracking label is placed on the product before shipping, and helps with inventory and customer service.

Call 800.326.4949 Ext 411 to speak with one of Telmar's sales representatives, contact us or Request a Quote.

Telmar also offers Multi-Vendor Repair, Spare Parts Management, Asset Disposition and Consignment, Reverse Logistics and Warehousing, and 24/7 Technical Support. If you have excess or depreciated assets, consider selling your networking equipment to Telmar. You can turn your excess or depreciated assets into working capital. We offer some of the highest market values paid in the industry. Telmar also offers trade-in and consignment programs. Turning your excess or depreciated assets into working capital is easy. Just let us put our experience to work for you!